Ramdar Resource Management Ltd.


Drilling Engineering, Supervision & Project Management

Ramdar provides engineers and supervisors that are IRP 7 compliant. The majority of our supervisors have been with us for 15+ years and are conscious of performance, safety, and costs. All of our engineers and supervisors are very knowledgeable with various open hole multi-stage completions systems (i.e. Stacked Packer Ball Drop, Limited Entry Systems, Cemented in Sleeves, etc). Our team are also very familiar with, and have drilled, numerous monobore style wells. All Ramdar employees and consultants are aware that in order to lower costs in today's current drilling environment, dedication to teamwork is a must.

Drilling Supervision and Project Management is 24/7 with daily reporting in order to closely monitor and manage each project and its associated costs. Ramdar's service includes the following:
  • Offset reviews to reduce initial drilling costs.
  • Procurement and negotiation of services and contracts.
  • Detailed cost estimates and tracking of daily well costs.
  • Preparation of drilling program, including engineered design of mud, casing and cement.
  • Negotiation of drilling rig contract.
  • Application for drilling license and submissions of all other regulatory applications and reports.
  • Daily field reporting and distribution to clients and authorized partners.
  • Distribution of third party technical reports and final operation reports as required.
  • All aspects of H2S determination, safety management & compliance.

Well Site Completions

Our completions engineers and supervisors are highly qualified and committed to the training required to keep their skills at the highest level to ensure peak performance in this rapidly advancing field. Our team possesses intimate knowledge and considerable applied experience of both conventional and unconventional well completions including the following:
  • Engineered Frac Design, Simulation & Optimization
  • 24 Hour Frac Supervision
  • Multi Stage Horizontal Frac including:
    • Packer & Ball Drop
    • Plug & Perf
  • Coal Bed Methane / Shallow Gas
  • Heavy Oil
  • HPHT / Critical Sour
  • Workovers
  • Abandonments

Well Site Construction

Ramdar builds the foundation from the bottom up. We manage the construction and development of well site for the oil and gas industry. This includes the design & planning of locations ranging in size from smaller single well pads to giant 16 well pads and everything in between. Our network of skilled construction professionals and services are committed to integrity and are sensitive to the needs of the environment, landowners, approval boards, and operators.

Construction Supervision is 24/7 with daily reporting to manage each project and its costs. This service includes the following:
  • Pre-Construction Site Assessments & Surveys
  • Access Road Construction & Clean up
  • Road & Lease Maintenance
  • Well site Lease Construction & Clean up
  • Environmental Field Reports (EFR)
  • Critical Wildlife & Environmental Areas (Caribou Plans)
Ramdar has construction supervisors in Calgary, Edson and Grande Prairie - local area knowledge is invaluable.

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