Ramdar Resource Management Ltd.


Our experienced Calgary drilling engineers, completion engineers, wellsite supervisors, wellsite project managers and consultants are our most valuable resource. Ramdar has formed a well rounded team that all have a crucial role in ensuring that our clients achieve their goals.

President, CEO & Senior Operations
Neil Darling
Senior Drilling Engineer
Gordon Plouffe, P.Eng
Senior Completions Engineer
Vince Lozinski, P.Eng

Senior Drilling Engineer
Tyson Jones, P.Eng
Senior Drilling Engineer
Gabriel Soo, P.Eng
Drilling Engineer
Rhys Fletcher, EIT

Senior Operations Technician
Liz Choi
Senior Workovers & Abandonments
Bob Stinn, P.Eng

Corporate Finance
Ira Darling
Accounting & Administration
Carla Evers

If you have a need for field completions engineers, drilling engineers, wellsite supervisors or operators or have a project request, please contact us.